Prompt #3: Leadership


Prompt: Write a post that discusses leadership, peer coaching, and/or effecting change. 

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Leaders are everywhere, but sometimes you have to follow.  I think one of the most important lessons a leader has to learn is when to lead and when to step back and follow.  I serve as the campus mentor, and sometimes I lead my new teachers and guide them to be better. However, sometimes I step back and follow them. They have some great ideas and resources.  I am always looking for ways and methods to make my class or my process better. 

There are leaders in every aspect of life.  I tell my son this tidbit constantly.  He may be a leader in one area but may be a follower in another area.  We are taught growing up to not be a follower, but we can learn a great deal when we follow.  However, we must be mindful of who we choose to follow.  Some people are worthy of being followed, while others need to continue alone.