6 thoughts on “Prompt #7-The Listicle

    • Dan, Big Universe is a library of online books that are available for students to read. Students may filter by lexile level, grade, category, and even language. It has really helped my ESL students during our Drop Everything and Read Time.

  1. I love your list. You know, it is interesting that we use google for everything in our district and our share drives are all but obsolete, yet when the district chose a platform for us to use with our students they went with Canvas. Google Classroom is much more user friendly.
    Also, we use Front Row every day and I love it as a resource even though some of it is a little quirky. How do you use Front Row with your students?

    • Thanks for your comment1 I am currently using a free trial of Front Row with my ESL students. I like that I can assign articles and it automatically grades the reading part. The writing part is something I have to grade, but it’s only one question. I really try to push the idea of word choice and elaboration in their responses. It makes it easy for me. I am hoping my school looks into purchasing it for my classes. I like what I see so far.

    • I absolutely LOVE it! My two kids have one set up and it is wonderful when they are at my school and waiting on me to finish up to leave. They can go straight to it (by themselves) and all links/games/sites are there on their tab. I even had students that used it last year as a requirement continue to use it during the summertime. They said it made their life so much easier. I have to agree.

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