Prompt #4: Picture Post

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Barrel Race in Edna, Texas in July 2016

The arena is clear, three barrels are standing, timer is clear, I am confident, and my horse is ready…to turn and burn (and hopefully win)

A poster hanging on my wall reminds my students (and me, for that matter) to always have an attitude worth catching.



6 thoughts on “Prompt #4: Picture Post

  1. And now I want to know more! I’m assuming it is you competing in the barrel racing? If so, how many times have you done it?


    • Sue, yes, this is me. I have competed in youth rodeos all around the state of Texas since I was in elementary school. I won over 300+ buckles in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, breakaway roping, and straightaway barrels, not to mention 20+ saddles and one horse trailer. I have made lots of friends all over the big state of Texas. Now that I am older, though, my little girls (who is 8 years old) is also competing and winning. She’s already won a saddle on the horse I am riding in this picture. While she is competing in youth rodeos in various events, I am just running barrels.

  2. Thanks for confirming! That is amazing and great to hear your daughter now competes. How common is it in Texas?

    Where I grew up the sports the region were known for were wood chopping and motor cross.

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