Prompt 2: My Classroom Or Office

Write a post that discusses your classroom or place of work. Some topics you may wish to address include:

  • The physical space – how you approach layout of furniture, technology, etc.
  • The aesthetics – share a photo and/or discuss decorating your space
  • Staying organized – how you do (or don’t) keep organized
  • Tips, tricks, or advice related to the above
  • Anything else you wish to share!

We want just a little window into your daily work life 🙂

Since my classroom is actually a computer lab, my students sit along the exterior walls with their backs to me so I can see their screens.  I have my computers numbered for easy identification.  In the middle of my room, there are two tables pushed together.  This is the area I conduct my “board meetings” with my small groups.  My teacher desk is in the corner next to the built-in cabinets.  My computer lab has 26 computers that are available to use and connected wirelessly to the school network.    I use Google Classroom to keep my students and I both organized, along with Google Keep, Google Calendar (notifications).  I use colors to differentiate between classes, since I teach three different classes within each class period.   My whiteboard is color coded, along with my assignments for easy reference.  My students know their grade in my class at any given time by the feedback I provide on their Google Classroom assignments. The paper I  do have to keep or use is filed either in color-coded binders or folders on my desk.  I prefer to have everything in electronic format and saved in Google Drive so I can find it.  Inside Gmail, I utilize tags and folders to group related emails, along with the stars, checkmark, question mark and exclamation mark to show which ones need attention, require me to do something, important now, etc.  

2 thoughts on “Prompt 2: My Classroom Or Office

  1. Since you mentioned color coding and the use of Google Keep, do you know of/use the extension: Category Tabs for Google Keep? I love this extension to help me stay organized and quickly get to a specific post-it.

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